Sony Continues To Roll Out More Clies

march 12, 2003

As if Sony hasn't gotten enough Clies released into the market, but here's another one. It's the Sony PEG-TG50. This one looks cool, but I don't know about getting a Clie. The TG50 is a PalmOS5 machine that has no built-in Graffiti area, it is replaced with a keyboard -- taking a page out of Handspring's Treo-line's books. It is a bit longer and heavier than the Tungsten T (though a bit slimmer). I hope that it has better built-in fonts than current models -- the system fonts on high-res Clies are 1-pixel wide, whereas Palm's high-res fonts are 2-pixel wide. It's too bad Palm hasn't released a PalmOS5 device with a slider and keyboard. The TG-50 has 16MB of RAM (only 11MB is usable) and uses an Intel XScale processor (200MHz). About the RAM, it's weird that Sony can only squeeze 11MB of usable RAM out of the machine where Palm is able to get 15MB of usable RAM.

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