Need To Edit Office Docs On The Road? Get A Palm

march 15, 2003

Strangely enough, if you'd want to take Microsoft Office documents with you on your handheld device, it's better to buy a Palm than it is to buy a Microsoft PocketPC. The article is done by the Wall Street Journal and compares the Documents To Go Professional that comes with all Palms (like the Tungsten T) with the PocketPC suite that comes with all PocketPC handhelds. The one big thing that sticks out is that if you buy a Tungsten T, it comes with Documents To Go Professional and that lets you edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents. If you buy a PocketPC, you'll get PocketWord and PocketExcel but you'll need to shell out money for something to edit PowerPoint files. The article also goes to point out that Documents To Go faithfully displayed and sync'd the Office documents. Whereas the PocketPC versions of the documents lost formatting and were somethings just not right. What was Microsoft thinking?

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