Bush Jr.'s War

march 18, 2003

Well, it looks like lil George W. is going to get his war. Doing just like his dad, he is rushing into war -- except W. doesn't have the political adeptness nor political know-how of his dad. The Bush administration is taking a huge risk by going to war like this. All the world's sympathy for America from the September 11th attacks are now gone as America is now seen as a war-mongering state again. Bush has broken with much needed allies and also slapped the UN in the face by saying that he doesn't need them. If this war becomes a full-blown and long-drawn out war, the US could be in trouble because of Bush's head-first jump into war. The war depends on a lot of what-ifs to come true and there is one that I can't see coming true quickly: What if Saddam leaves? We all know it'll be hell to get that man to leave and this war will be drawn-out if he doesn't. Is there an exit strategy? I hope so.

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