Bye MetroPCS

march 31, 2003

Welp, I'm no longer a MetroPCS customer. I cancelled today because: 1) I couldn't justify a $44 charge each month for just a phone I use on the weekend and 2) I had a return of the flakey/no service thing this weekend. For work, when I'm on travel and when I'm home, I have my work cell phone with me so I really don't need a phone during peak hours. And since I don't carry my personal phone with me on trips, that means that for the last few months I've been using the MetroPCS phone only on weekends. That's not enough usage to justify the $44 or so a month that I was being charged for unlimited phone usage. And for the second time, the phone service for my phone went out. The last time (it's on the logs) I lost service for a couple of days. What's weird is that my mom also has a MetroPCS phone and she has service now too. Strange. Anyways, because of these two factors, I dropped my MetroPCS service today. Final statistics show: 5997 minutes used over 1400 calls during 182 days.

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