Sam Fisher's The Man!

april 12, 2003

OK, so after playing through the Splinter Cell demo, I just had to have the game. So, I picked it up at the Brokaw Fry's. I just spent two hours playing the game and I must say, it is one kick-ass game. I haven't played the Xbox or PC versions of the game, so I can't make any comparisons. But according to all the reviews of the PS2 version, it is not as graphically intense as the Xbox or PC version, but it still does everything that everyone said that the PS2 couldn't do. I am impressed by the graphics, though there are times when the PS2 does chug. But graphics aren't all that make up the game. The gameplay is what makes the game either fun or another worthless coaster. Splinter Cell is definitely not a coaster. This is just an initial impressions blurb, but I'll have to join in with all the other people who have played Splinter Cell and have loved it. This game is engrossing. Sam Fisher, the main character, is a grade-A gaming bad-ass. I rank him higher than Solid Snake when it comes to being a bad-ass. Yes, both Sam and Snake kick ass in their respective game worlds. Yes, both Sam and Snake get the best weapons and gadgets around. Yes, both Sam and Snake have those cool ex-military voices. But, Snake has one thing that brings his bad-ass factor and cool factor down a notch: The mullet. And all you Raiden fans out there, don't even bring him up because he's a whiny girly-boy who can't even see what Sam and Snake are all about. If you're waiting for Metal Gear Solid 3, or have finished MGS2 and are trying to decide whether to get MGS2:Substance, take that money and get Splinter Cell. I'm off to play more Splinter Cell as it is the coolest PS2 game to come out in a while. Though War of the Monsters and Auto Modellista are cool too, but not as cool as Splinter Cell. I wonder how the GBA version of Splinter Cell will turn out.

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