Tungsten T

april 14, 2003

OK, so I've had my Palm Tungsten T for a few months now and I must say that I really do like this handheld a lot. Even more so then I did my Handspring Treo 90. Yes, I miss the built-in thumbboard, but I'm not shabby at Graffiti. And now that I put a little overlay on top of the Graffiti area of the TT, I don't feel so paranoid about writing on the thing -- at times it is a lot faster then using the midget-keyboard. Most of the liking for the TT comes because of the screen. Living with 160x160 is OK, but going 320x320 is just so much better. I had 320x320 on my old Clie N610C (that my sister uses now), but I couldn't stand the thin fonts on the Clie and I had a hard time getting the damn thing to HotSync with my XP box. There are some cool things that I got for the TT that I wanted to share. Some are free and some you'll have to pay for. All of them are well worth the money. The first is [url=http://www.palmgear.com/software/showsoftware.cfm?sid=EBCFEB1A-957D-46F4-B5BEB10298DD7BE5&prodID=43143]MyCheckBook[/url]. It's a free application that works much like Quicken does and lets you track your expenses, bank accounts, and spending. Yes, it's not as fancy as PocketQuicken and doesn't do some of the stuff that PQ does, but for the price (FREE) it does all that I need. [url=http://www.palmgear.com/software/showsoftware.cfm?sid=EBCFEB1A-957D-46F4-B5BEB10298DD7BE5&prodID=45479]OKey[/url] is a little utility developed by a [url=http://www.sonystyle.com]Sony[/url] engineer. Basically it'll let you use the Select key (the middle key in the 5-direction thingie) to activate all menus. It kicks ass and saves from having to open the TT to get to the menus, or even use the stylus. It also lets you select buttons (like OK) without a stylus. Best of all, OKey is free. [url=http://www.palmgear.com/software/showsoftware.cfm?sid=EBCFEB1A-957D-46F4-B5BEB10298DD7BE5&prodID=428]Today[/url] is a free application that displays all of today's to-dos and appointments (along with other assorted information like battery life, memory usage, email, etc) on one screen. You can even set it to display this information when you start up your TT. You gotta be crazy if you don't backup your Palm device. How much is that data worth to you? Well, I found (and use) [url=http://www.palmgear.com/software/showsoftware.cfm?sid=EBCFEB1A-957D-46F4-B5BEB10298DD7BE5&prodID=46552]BackupMan[/url]. BackupMan is a $10 utility that automatically does backups of your Palm. You can set it to save a few days of backups if you have a large SD card, or you can just have one backup. I have five days worth of backups on my SD card (256MB). You can do immediate backups and also set it to backup after a HotSync. This tool is very valuable since it's insurance on your data. It's too bad that the original TTs did not ship with a MP3 playing software and the new TTs will ship with that suck-ass Real software. If you really want to listen to MP3s on your TT, and who wouldn't, then get the $12 MP3 player [url=http://www.palmgear.com/software/showsoftware.cfm?sid=EBCFEB1A-957D-46F4-B5BEB10298DD7BE5&prodID=46149]AeroPlayer[/url]. It is a cool MP3 player that supports skins and background playing. Then there's the $9.95 [url=http://www.palmgear.com/software/showsoftware.cfm?sid=EBCFEB1A-957D-46F4-B5BEB10298DD7BE5&prodID=46427]BtToggle[/url] that helps to make turning on/off BlueTooth easier. You can set the BlueTooth radio to turn on/off automatically (when power goes off) or by holding down a specific key. Turning off the BlueTooth radio will save you gobs of battery power. And last but not least, there's the $20 [url=http://www.handstory.com/]HandStory Suite[/url]. This tool makes wonderful use of the TT. It basically is a: DOC reader, picture viewer, web-clipper, and memopad replacement. The best thing about HandStory is that it allows me to clip from the web on my PC. If I see a webpage I want to read later on my TT, I just right click and select "Clip to Palm". It's that easy. I can right click on pictures and put those on my Palm. I can cut/copy out of any document and save it to the Palm for later viewing. This tool makes it so easy to take information along on the TT. Check out some other Palm software picks in my previous aritcle [url=http://www.ultramookie.com/comments.php?id=P152_0_1_0_C]HERE[/url].

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