april 27, 2003

I'm now trying 1.1beta. I was using the lastest stable version,, but thought I'd give the 1.1beta a try since I watched an CNET interview with Louis Suarez-Potts, community manager of Suarez-Potts says that the 1.1beta is stable and he's been using it for a while now and the feature set in it has changed -- the biggest addition for the Windows side is PDF export. The application itself feels a bit different with some GUI changes -- I noticed that they took away the ability to roll-up the Stylist panel, they added a cool start-up bar to the splash screen, and they changed the names of the shortcuts to the different apps. In other Office news, it [url=]looks[/url] like Microsoft will be slipping schedule with their shipment of Office 11. Microsoft says that instead of an early summer shipment of Office 11, they will be shipping "late summer". Analysts believe that Microsoft will ship Office 11 sometime in October or November.

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