Video Games Help Children

april 28, 2003

Here is an interesting article from Wired magazine about video games. "Schools are skilling-and-drilling their way "back to basics," moving toward mechanical instruction methods that rely on line-by-line scripting for teachers and endless multiple-choice testing." As the article goes on to say, this type of learning is nothing more than having kids memorize facts and regurgitate it on multiple choice tests. This is not going to give the world the analytical thinkers that we need. But thank goodness we have Sony and Nintendo (and OK, even Microsoft). And thank goodness we have video game producers, because the only way our children are learning to think is through video games which are fun, yet force children to figure out ways to solve problems and puzzles. This gives them the analytical skills that they need in the future. Maybe one day the school system here in the states will change and figure out that having kids memorize things is not the way to turn out productive adults, rather it is churning out robotic adults who can't think for themselves.

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