Free Palm, Veo Camera

may 2, 2003

Well, check out this deal before May 4th. Palm is offering a refurbished m500 for $144. But, with that purchase, you also get a free m105 thrown in! So if you're looking for a Palm device for yourself and want another to give as a gift or something, better go visit now. In other news, I was happy to find that when I returned from my business trip last night I had my Veo camera waiting for me. For those of you who didn't read that posting, when I got my Tungsten T it came with two offers: $5 mail-in rebate (whoa, please, not too much money! Which came the other week) and a free Veo Photo Traveller camera. Well, the camera is here. Did some preliminary tests last night, it functions OK. There is some serious lag in the "real time" view finder. The pictures can be either 320x240 or 640x480. Each is not good enough for prints, but definitely good enough for the web. The camera has a manual focus ring, which is hard to use because of the lag. But it's OK, the thing was free. I'm glad that I didn't pay the $100 for it though. Oh, the case that Veo provides for the camera is pretty awesome.

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