Cross Pens

may 4, 2003

I remember as a high schooler, I'd get Cross pens for Christmas from my uncles and aunts. Every year I'd get a set from one of them, a shiny pen and pencil set. They were old style pens for adults, grown ups, executives, and everyone but a high schooler. They weren't cool at all and nothing I'd ever want to use at school. So, now I have a few sets sitting in my drawer at home -- I'm an adult now, but I still don't find them cool enough to use. But, Cross has really gone and reinvented themselves. Yes, they still sell those pens of old, but they also have kick-ass cool pens like the Ion, Matrix, and Morph that bring the company into the new century with pens that span all age groups. Eileen uses a jupiter orange Ion pen and I had a neptune blue one, but I lost mine. So, today Eileen and I went shopping and I got an aurora blue Ion pen. It's awesome. If you haven't looked at Cross pens lately because of memories like mine from high school, check them out again. They're pretty cool. Oh, I forgot to mention: All Cross pens still come with their "Full Perpetual Warranty". Meaning that Cross covers the pens for life, no questions asked, no limits. Nice!

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