Xplay, EphPod, Windows iPod

may 5, 2003

Well, I thought I'd put a few miles on my iPod (the original mechanical scroll-wheel 5GB edition!), so I did a few things to it. First, I was having a lot of problems with XPlay and the Mac-formatted iPod, so I downloaded the Windows iPod 1.2.6 updater and updated the iPod with it. That made my iPod a Windows iPod, complete with Windows formated filesystem. XPlay still had problems with the iPod: CRC errors, lock-ups, etc. So, my iPod sat around for a little. But now with the release of the new ones, I wanted to give the iPod another try, so I downloaded EphPod. ephpod is a free utility for managing a Windows iPod (or if you have MacOpenner, you can use it to manage a Mac iPod). I just filled up my iPod with music with no errors. It's too bad I didn't get ephpod before XPlay because EphPod is darned powerful with lots of features missing from XPlay (news sync, Outlook sync, DB checking, Calendar, etc). EphPod is much more powerful than XPlay, and if you have a Windows iPod, it's totally free (compared to the $29 admission fee for XPlay). Some may argue that EphPod's interface is a bit harder to use than XPlay -- EphPod's interface looks kind of like a spreadsheet whereas XPlay's looks just like a Windows Explorer window -- but I like the power of EphPod's interface and it only takes a few minutes to get accustomed to.

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