Best Damn PIM Around and It Is Free

may 21, 2003

I don't know why everyone is using Microsoft Outlook. Most likely because those IT weenies like how it has everything in one app coming to/from one server. It is nice that email, calendaring, task list, and the kitchen sink are all in one app, but it is not so nice that it is so full of security holes and is bloated beyond belief. Oh, and if you were to get it for your personal use it'll set you back $100. Hmm, let me suggest something in place of Outlook and save you $100. Even if you don't own a Palm handheld device, the [url=]Palm Desktop[/url] is free for you to download and use. And let me tell you, after spending a lot of time with Outlook (because of my old PocketPC device) and more time with Palm Desktop, I'd say I'd keep my $100 and use the free Palm Desktop. It is fast, bug free, secure, and does what most people need. Yes, it doesn't come with an email client, but sheesh, just use the free Outlook Express that comes with your Windows installation for email. If you haven't tried out Palm Desktop, give it a try. It is free, just download it and install it and try it.

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