NetFlix DVDs

may 26, 2003

NetFlix's partnership with different movie studios seems to be apparent now with these discs that I have just gotten. Check out these pictures of the Two Weeks Notice and Analyze That DVDs that I just received. They are custom silk screened DVDs just for NetFlix. Pretty cool if you ask me, that means that NetFlix is really getting down to business with the movie studios -- and it goes a long way to explaining why I got these new release movies in the mail without having to wait for them to be returned, and how much better the service is. Blockbuster and Wal-Mart's services aren't this good, at least that's the word on the net. 05-28-3003 - [i]Whoops, the photo gallery was marked private! I just marked it public, enjoy the pictures. Sorry about that![/i]