Silly "Death of Palm" Article

may 26, 2003

The Inquirer ran this silly story, actually more a rant piece by a Charlie Demerjian who predicts the death of the Palm platform because it couldn't sync contacts with Netscape's Address Book. He complains that Palm supports Microsoft Outlook better than Netscape's Address Book and that this is a bad thing. He says that by supporting Outlook, Palm "has taken its core functionality, and made it usable only with Microsoft desktop software." Has Mr. Demerjian tried to use Palm Desktop? He exclaims, that Palm should "aggressively develop better solution for the PC," without even mentioning the Palm Desktop. He also says that he has been a Palm user since the original Palm Pilot, which maybe true but if it is shows his total ignorance. Any Palm user since the original Palm Pilot would recognize that the Palm Desktop (originally named Pilot Desktop) has evolved into a mature and very usable PIM. Mr. Demerjian seems to have his blinders on and seems set on a PocketPC device, "my next purchase will be an iPaq. I wonder how much I can get for a barely used Tungsten-T on Ebay?" I'm sure Mr. Demerjian will get good value for his TT on Ebay and I'll be happier when he does sell that TT on Ebay to a user who would appreciate it more than Mr. Demerjian does. I hope he is happy with his new iPaq and all the "innovation" that is going on with the PocketPC OS, which has been stale for the last year or more. He complains so loudly that he wants to stick with his Netscape Address Book and goes on to rant about how insecure Outlook is. Yet in his rant he doesn't realize that when he gets his iPaq working with ActiveSync, he'll have to relegate all his syncing to Outlook anyways. Good luck Mr. Demerjian with your PocketPC, I'm sure after some time (and frustraction) with your PocketPC, I'll be seeing you using a Palm device yet again. Those of you who have kept up know that I'm not some blinded Palm zealot. I have my share of Palm and PocketPC devices. I just find the Palm devices much more useful and usable than PocketPCs are. My Palm collection includes (or has included) a Palm V, IIIc, m100, m125, PEG-N610C, Treo 90, Visor Prism, and my current Tungsten T. My PocketPC collection includes Casio Cassiopeia E-125 and a HP Jornada 525. Oh and I had two Linux based PDAs also: The Sharp Zaurus SL-5500 and the Softfield Agenda VR3. Anyhoo, just for the record, I've had my experience with the different PDAs and PDA platforms.

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