Palm Software on my Tungsten T

june 9, 2003

Here's the current software that I have on my Palm Tungsten T. The Tungsten T has become quite a workhorse! Check out the list if you're a Palm user. AeroPlayer - The Palm Tungsten T has audio capabilities, but some (bonehead) executive decided to go ahead and ship the TT without a MP3 player of any sort! So, AeroPlayer (and PocketTunes) is one of the first MP3 playing software on the market for the TT. Real finally got the Palm OS version of Real One released, but it is skimpy compared to AeroPlayer. This is by far the best MP3 player for the Palm platform. AutoDimmer - AutoDimmer does just what its name says, it dims the display automatically after a set period of time (between 1 to 60 seconds). A great idea that someone forgot to incorporate. And this utility is free to boot! AvantGo - The venerable AvantGo that has been with the Palm platform for so long. If you don't know what it is: You subscribe, via the AvantGo website, to channels (like CNN, Yahoo!, Reuters, Wired, TV Guide, etc) and these mini versions of their websites are downloaded to your Palm automatically during each HotSync. Very cool for bring up-to-date reading materials. Bejeweled! - Hands down the most addictive game for the Palm OS. This is a game of swapping gems around. You'll find a version of it on Yahoo! games, but it is really more fun playing with a stylus than it is to play with a mouse. And you can take this one with you for when you get bored waiting for the DMV to finish processing your license renewal. Botzam Backup - Just what it is, a backup utility. Botzam Backup replaced my old BackupBuddyVFS because BackupBuddyVFS did not work correctly with Palm OS 5. Botzam Backup does one up BackupBuddyVFS in many ways, let me name two: Compression and encryption of backups. If you don't backup your data, you are crazy. BtToggle - When I'm on the road and when I use my iBook at home, I HotSync using BlueTooth instead of the cradle. BtToggle is a handy utility to automatically turn on and off the BlueTooth radio inside the TT. This saves a lot of power! There are bonus advantages to BtToggle and that is the utility has functionality to tune the functions of all the hardware buttons -- to save the TT from being turned on from accidentaly button pushes. ChessGenius - The best version of Chess around for the Palm platform. ChessGenius is smart and tough. Though sometimes I find that it does the exact same opening move for a few games. It does give me a long run for the money and challenges me infinitely. And it looks pretty in high density mode. Colorize - Think the default color scheme for the Palm OS is boring? Well use this free tool to change the colors however you like. Customize the Palm interface to your liking. Filez - Why Palm did not build in some sort of file management -- especially when they started the VFS storage -- is beyond me (this one is even more baffling than the non-inclusion of the MP3 player). Filez is a free utility to do file management on the Palm platform. HandStory - This is an all-around media center. I use HandStory to clip webpages to my TT. I use it to cut and paste large texts into my TT. I use it to save and view pictures on my TT. It reads Aportis DOC formatted stuff too. And it is even a MemoPad replacement. HandStory is the Swiss Army Knife of media for the Palm platform. Kinoma - I have both the Kinoma Player and Producer. It is a great pair to have since there is not a lot of Kinoma formatted movies on the web. Basically the Kinoma Player plays videos encoded by the Kinoma Producer. I can watch little videos on my TT when I want. I find it very useful with the short videos that I download from IGN, I can take them with me on the plane and watch them in my airplane seat. I can encode sources from MPEG to QuickTime to Windows Media format. The videos look great and play very smoothly on the TT. Encoding the files does take a while though. Lemonade Tycoon - Another very addictive game for the Palm platform. You play an entrepreneur who is out to make a buck or a thousand selling lemonade. Yes, it sounds pretty easy, but it is not. This is a very fun game to play. It reminds me of a simpler game that I ran on my BBS back in the day named Lemonade. The premise to the BBS game is the same, it is just that they've added more variables and things to do in Lemonade Tycoon to make it a longer lasting and more appealing game. MummyMaze - MummyMaze is fun in its own way. It is very challenging to play. The premise of the game is to get the treasure out of a tomb. But in order to get it out of the tomb you must escape from a mummy (or two). For each step you take, the mummy takes two. There are walls and stuff that block the mummy from you (since the mummy is a simple-minded character he only walks in a "as the crow flies" fashion and he'll get stuck behind walls). Very challenging and fun to play. OKey - OKey is a free utility that makes more use out of the select button on the Palm five-directional pad. If you push and hold the select button for 2 seconds or so it'll let you pull down the menu by pushing right. This saves you from having to pull open the TT in order to get a menu down -- or even have to use the stylus at all to navigate the menus. If you are at a dialog box with OK, Cancel, or something else, just push down and hold for 2 seconds and it'll highlight the default button, use side-to-side action to select different buttons. Very useful tool. PalmReaderPro - PalmDigitalMedia has a very large selection of e-books and they are from high profile authors also. PalmReader is the free reader for those ebooks. PalmReaderPro is the reader that has a dictionary and extra fonts. This is a good e-book reader (and the only one if you want to read PalmDigitalMedia ebooks). It can also read Aportis DOC formatted files. QuikBudget - Things like PocketQuicken and Pocket Money only help to keep track of the amount of money you have. And it is very meticulous work to make those work for you. If you just want to stay on a budget, that is a lot of work to go through in order to save money. QuikBudget makes keeping to a budjet easy. You just make up a few wallets that you put "money" into each pay period. When you spend money from say the "Entertainment" wallet you just deduct it from there. When that becomes zero, then stop spending money on entertainment. A very easy way to stick to a budget. RepliGo - Ever want to take any kind of document with you? Word document? Excel spreadsheet? Or how about that PDF file or webpage? RepliGo is the only way to do it. It keeps the documents original formatting on the handheld. It also has a flowed view that eliminates the formatting and graphics for easier reading. The great thing about RepliGo is that the desktop portion of the program is just a print driver. So any program you have that can print is a program that can export its documents to RepliGo format. A very handy tool for taking documents with me on the go. Scrabble - The classic game of Scrabble. Very cool and it has a very large dictionary. The AI is quite smart and gives a good challenge -- it even scales well so that beginners won't have to be beaten all the time. Seven Seas! - Another addictive game from Astraware (the people who put together Bejeweled and MummyMaze). This time you're a pirate trying to escape from other pirates. You really have to try this game to understand what it is all about, very fun game. SFCave - This is one of the first games I got when I had my Palm V. It is the simplest of games, but very fun. The graphics aren't anything 3D rendered or even much pretty, but they do the job. The gameplay uses just one button. The premise of the game is that you're a ribbon flying through a cave. Push down on the button and the ribbon goes up. If you let go of the button the ribbon falls towards the ground. This is one of the best free games around. SolFree - OK, I still call my Palm a Solitaire machine since I spend a lot of time playing Klondike solitaire. This is a free suite of three solitaire games, but I only play Klondike. SplashID - There are just too many passwords and usernames to keep track of now-a-days. Each website seems to want you to have username and password. You could do it the easy way and select the same username and password for each account, but that would just plain be unsafe. So, how is a person supposed to keep track of all of this information? SplashID of course. There are of course free utilities for the Palm platform that does this kind of stuff (Keyring is one that comes to mind), but none of the free ones have the desktop application that SplashID has. It might not sound all that important to have a desktop component, but once you sit down and start using websites or email or something it does become quite apparent how useful having a desktop companion to the Palm program is. SplashID encrypts all passwords and usernames with a single password and username. So if you do lose your Palm (or storage card) all your information can't be discovered. This is one of the most useful tools I have on my TT. thinkDB2 - DataViz (the Documents-to-Go people) recently picked up thinkDB2 and renamed it to Smartlist-to-Go. I have the upgraded version (free upgrade for all registered thinkDB2 people) but I haven't had time to upgrade just yet. Plus, I can't find anywhere that lists what exactly are the changes from 2.5 to 2.6.x. thinkDB2 is a database program for the Palm platform. Since the Palm is supposed to be an information carrying tool, it is nice to have a database for the Palm. It is also nice that thinkDB2 also comes with a desktop companion that syncs up with the Palm program. This makes large sums of data entry quite easy. I also have HandBase3 for Palm (and the Windows component of HandBase3) but it is not quite as intuitive as thinkDB2 (the desktop portion of HandBase3 is probably the worst I've seen). thinkDB2 also has the ability to sync with Access and import/export with Excel. I really don't care about those features though because the desktop companion to thinkDB2 works so well -- it's no mysql or Access, but the functionality that is there works just fine. TimeCopy - There are commerical utilities to do this, but why pay when there is a free alternative? TimeCopy takes the time on my PC and "copies" it over to my Palm. So on my PC I use ntp to set the time to an atomic clock, and when my TT HotSyncs this time is automatically set on the Palm. Since all electronics eventually lose (or gain) time this is a good way to always keep the TT clock set correctly. WordSmith - I like Documents-to-Go, it came free with my TT, but it doesn't work quite right with (I don't use Microsoft Office because it costs an arm and a leg -- does all I need for free). So since I don't do spreadsheets on my TT (screen is too small) I use this stand-alone word processor, WordSmith to take care of my word processing needs. Pair it up with the Palm Ultrathin Keyboard XT and the Palm TT becomes a very good note-taking and document editing machine -- I can even use it instead of my notebook on most occassions for word processing. WordSmith syncs documents up so that they can be opened up in and all formatting is kept between syncs.

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