Live Linux-On-CD

june 30, 2003

Want to learn some Linux but don't have a spare machine to install it on? Well try out this kick-ass way of running Linux: Knoppix. It is a live Linux system on a CD. The CD boots and loads Linux, complete with X running and it mounts the harddrive in your system as live storage (for files you are going to create). It can also mount those handy-dandy thumb-USB drives, which is a better way of doing it. If you've always said to yourself, "Hmm, I should try out that whole Linux thing." Here's your chance! It is a big download though at 650MB, but it is a full Linux system. It is totally free and comes with the 1.0.3 suite and all sorts of other assorted goodies. Give it a try if you have broadband speeds to download it!

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