My iBook

july 14, 2003

So I haven't written much about my iBook recently. Do I still use it? Yes, a lot actually. It has been with Eileen and me on our trip to Vegas and I use it daily, when I am not on a trip, at home. It is now not the fastest machine around -- it actually never was -- not as fast as the new G5 machines that Apple is selling on their website, but I really don't need that kind of speed for what I do with my iBook. Did you know that the G5 machines generate enough heat to warrant nine computer controlled fans to cool it down? My iBook's lowly G3 processor doesn't even need one fan to keep it cool and it lasts for four-plus hours on a single charge. I couldn't be happier. So what do I do with my iBook anyways? Mainly it's my mobile Internet "station". I use it to surf the Internet. I use it to check my email. I use it to ssh into my server. I use it to write Perl code (hey, Perl 5.6.0 is installed with Mac OS X 10.2 by default!) It runs WeatherPop that tells me the weather. I wish the finish of the casing wouldn't scratch so easily and I wish the machine was a tad bit faster, but that's all minor stuff. The machine works so well that I can't complain about it. I have watched a movie or two on my iBook also. I love this iBook 600 USB. Anyone else have an iBook that they love? Let me know!

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