Nice But...

july 21, 2003

Check it out, Sony has a new Clie (yea, I know, they seem to have a new Clie every month nowadays!) Actually these two new Clies are pretty nice, they are the UX-series. The models are UX-50 and UX-40, the only difference is the built-in wireless features -- the UX-50 has 802.11b plus Bluetooth, the UX-40 only has Bluetooth. The are super compact, have color screens, run PalmOS 5.2, has a camera, can play videos, can play MP3s (and ATRAC, bleh) and even use Sony's own "Handheld Engine" (Sony's own ARM processor and a video accelerator). Very cool features, but is it really worth $700 for the UX-50 (or $600 for the UX-40)? Will people really buy into this? I'm not quite sure, I think Sony maybe pricing themselves out of a sale. For $50 more than the UX-50 I could get a Dell Inspiron 1100 which could do everything the UX-70 can do, except take pictures, and more. For $520 I could get a no-name fully loaded notebook. I'm not seeing a compelling reason to shell out $700 for a handheld when there are other options available. Someone would really have to be loaded to get one of these is what I'm thinking. Some analysts are already saying this also.

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