It's Windy In Here and Cheap Tunes

july 22, 2003

It's so damn hot out here in California! Picked up a Vornado air circulator today from Fry's. They were on sale, regularly priced at $69 but on sale for only $39! Nice price, great "fan" or "air circulator", been using it since I got home from work today and it does keep things cool, not as loud as big fans either -- but on high setting not as quiet as they make it sound ("whisper quiet"). But it is an impressive piece of engineering that does move volumes of air as they advertise (though I'm not sure about their constant claim of "year round" usage of the fan.) Also saw a good deal at Fry's. They are selling the 15GB, black version of the Archos Recorder for a mere $159 (down from $199). Now that is what I call a good deal on a large capacity MP3 player, check it out (compare that with the $399 15GB iPod!)

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