When PDAs Go To Sleep, Deep, Deep Sleep

july 31, 2003

Well, last night, while in Arkansas (I'm back in San Jose now) I sat in my hotel room and wanted to check my flight time for this morning. I pulled out my trusty Palm Tungsten T to look at my calendar and wham-mo! Nothing. Zilch. Nada. I kept pushing the power button, but deep inside I knew -- my Tungsten T had gone away, it was deep asleep, I had forgotten to charge it and left it to die all alone in my backpack during the day. It must have been low on charge, then started its backup in the middle of the night and that chewed everything up. I tried my best to restore it from the last HotSync I had on my notebook, but that didn't work. Restore from Botzam Backup did not work either since the backup was corrupted. Sigh. What's a dude supposed to do? Well, I restored the main databases (address, datebook, memo, and todo) and lived with it for the time being until I got home. When I dropped my beloved Tungsten T into its USB cradle and tried to HotSync I found out that something had funtzed up the HotSync settings! So I did a hard reset and did a HotSync. Everything seems OK now. Wish I didn't let my TT go to deep sleep like that!

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