Hey Steve, Yea You, Steve Jobs, Read This

august 1, 2003

Hey Mr. Jobs, I want to first thank you for pushing Apple in the right direction. Getting the company on the right track by creating the hardware that sets the gold standard for which all other hardware manufactures aim to immitate (though never get close to). This is the innovative hardware and software that those of us who have experience tell everyone else about when we describe to them what they are missing out on by using that Windows platform. I really think that Mac OS X is the future of Apple and it is showing that the future of computing lies with Unix and not with Windows. But, Steve, I have one nagging thing I want to write you about: Office. Why is it that we get the wonderful IE-replacement Safari, we get the awesome Windows-replacement Mac OS X, but we don't get an Office-replacement? Let me make a suggestion to you Mr. Jobs: Get some of those talented Apple developers you have to start working on an Aqua-native version of OpenOffice.org 1.1. Bring OpenOffice.org over to Mac OS X, don't make us users choose between Microsoft Office X and X11 OpenOffice.org. OpenOffice.org will give you the ultimate way of cutting loose the reliance on Microsoft to produce an office package for the Mac OS. OpenOffice.org will give you the chance to release an office-package under the Apple brand name. And most of all OpenOffice.org will give you a package that will read and write Office-formatted files, the one thing that most Mac users are looking for when they shell out $500 for Microsoft Office X. Give us users an alternative, give us something free (or low cost), give us OpenOffice.org 1.1 for Mac OS X. This will help Apple in the long run.

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