Forgot to Wake Up? Blame Windows Mobile 2003...

august 3, 2003

Check this out. Users "are reporting that their handhelds don't always come out of sleep mode when an alarm is set to go off. Instead, the alarm goes off when the user manually activates the Pocket PC." Whoops! The article says, "With any product as complicated as a new operating system, it's easy for an occasional bug to creep in, even with the best pre-release testing." All I have to say is that Microsoft didn't test this thing too well because alarms are generally what people use a lot of on the PDAs. Also that sentence should read, "With any Microsoft product as complicated as a new Microsoft operating system..." because my new Palm OS5 operating system does not have any weird bugs like this nor is it as complicated both to use and to code for. Just another example of Microsoft bloat in OS programming and in general.

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