T-Mobile Customer Service

august 6, 2003

Well, I just called T-Mobile to make some changes to my cell account and was very pleased with the customer service that I received. I wanted to drop my 500 text messenging option and change my calling plan up so that I could get more minutes. When I called I was asked to punch in my 10-digit phone number and, for security, the last four digits of my social security number. After that I was put into the standard automated phone service which let me know my account balance, the number of minutes I have used, and information of such. At the end of that I was offered the touch-tone options. The very last one (even after cancellation) is the one to talk with a customer service representative. The first thing out of my reps mouth was here "rep ID" which was a string of six digits, which was really weird. But, Laura was really helpful and didn't oversell when I told her that I wanted to upgrade my calling plan, she simply offered the next one up (instead of trying to sell me the $40/mo or $60/mo plan). She also helped me with taking off my 500 text messaging option and explained all the changes to me before the call was terminated. I am pretty happy with the customer service at T-Mobile.

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