Search Friendly URLs

august 10, 2003

Well, upgraded the CMS system from pMachineFree 2.2.1 to pMachineFree 2.3. A new feature that they implemented was search friendly URLs. So, instead of comments.php?id=123, we get /comments/A123/. This is important for the robots at Google and Inktomi because they don't search dynamic content (stuff with the ?something=something tag at the end) very throroughly. But, if your content is in directories or in static files, they get really down and dirty and index everything. So, this search friendly URLs from the new pMachines does just that, it fakes directories out of dynamic content making everything so "indexable" for Google and people. It took some fiddling with the code on my side since all relative links had to be changed over to hardcoded links, but after that it worked fine.

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