Silly Security

august 11, 2003

Security is getting a bit out of hand at airports. I understand that they are trying to keep me and my fellow passengers alive, but there has to be some way that we don't have to go through this searching silliness everytime we travel. I am not travelling as much as before -- I used to fly almost every week -- but I still feel for my fellow travellers when I read about such absurdities that are now happening. Just because the government says that terrorists will be hiding bombs in PDAs, notebooks, and electronics, the TSA will now be asking that everyone of these electronic devices be turned on for inspection. Sigh. So, if I were going on my typical trip I would have to turn on: My Sony VAIO Z505, iPod, Tungsten T, Audiovox cellphone, and Sony DSC-U20 camera. Silliness and they may manhandle my Z505, which is fine, but if I go on a trip with my iBook, they'd better not screw with that! I still think the whole airport security is a joke and gives everyone a sense of false security. What is going to happen when the government says that terrorists are going into to line their underwear with explosives? Are we going to have to strip down to our undies?

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