Life Insurance?

august 13, 2003

I just got a spam selling life insurance. Bah. Spam is getting out of control. Who the hell would buy life insurance from a spammer? A low-life company that resorts to forging email addresses and taking advantage of open SMTP gateways is not a company that I would trust with my life insurance! Of course there are those stupid idiots out there who do buy penis "enhancement" drugs or sign up for porn via a spam emailing. So I guess there truly are SFIs (Stupid Fucking Idiots) out there! Sigh, it is those SFIs that we should blame for the surge of spam, because if everyone had their head on straight and didn't buy from these spamming MFs (don't make me tell you what an MF is!) then the spammers would have no business return on their spam, and that would make spam look like a less valuable a tool for them. But because of SFIs, the return on spam, even if it is one in a few thousand is a profit for spammers because they do not have to put out any resources to send off spam, they just leech and steal net resources from others. Spammers suck, don't be a SFI and don't buy from them!

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