eTrex Legend

august 17, 2003

Welp, I found and dusted off my Garmin eTrex Legend gonna go city surfing with it. Like before, it works great. Just took down the coordinates of my house. Gonna go get some coordinates of other stuffs later. I upgraded the firmware (or "software" as Garmin calls it) last night, it was kind of scary because the previous firmware didn't differential between Alkaline and NiMH batteries and I was using the latter -- NiMH have a a lower voltage and stuff, so to devices that don't know that they are using NiMH batteries, they think that the batteries are already half dead. The website said that if the upgrade died halfway, I would have to send the unit in for repair. Thank goodness the upgrade went well. I used the Legend in Arkansas when I was first starting out on the two-year project that I am still working. But after a few trips out to AR, I knew my way around and grabbing coordinates was no longer fun. I did use the Legend in Larkspur, CA when Eileen and I went on a weekend trip. That was quite useful since the Legend plus a laptop with Street Atlas was quite handy. In San Diego, CA I did the same thing, coupling the Lengend with Street Atlas and that worked out well too. I don't think GPS is a daily thing, unless you're the kind to get lost a lot. But, for a gadget or for those occasions when you really need it, it does come in quite handy. Oh and it gets a lot of "hey cool, GPS!" from friends and co-workers.

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