Two Palms

august 19, 2003

Well, the split is on. Now the PalmOS group is still named palmSource (notice drop in case for the "p"), but the hardware division which used to be called Palm is now called Palm. Check out the press release about the new name and logo. The new name reflects the completion of the acquisition of Handspring (bringing Jeff Hawkins, the father of PalmOS, back into Palm). But also read the PR and enjoy the marketing fluff as only a marketing person could write about the new logo colors: "Energy, enthusiasm, power and innovation come across much stronger in our new combination [of colors red and orange]" Hehe. Funny guys. Well, I hope the best for the new company and hope that they can put out more outstanding hardware like the Palm Tungsten T and C, but also awesome hardware like the Zire 71. These new models are good enough to compete with Sony's Clie line-up (which seems to change every week).

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