august 21, 2003

Well, I think that Sony's UMD discs (the ones that will be used for the PlayStation Portable) are the coolest idea ever, but now I'm finding out that the discs are going to be crippled. Like many others, I though the UMD discs would be rewritable (kind of like MDs, but much larger in capacity). That way I could take my music and movies with me on the PSP. What has been [url=]announced[/url] is that the UMD media is recordable, but Sony is not making the PSP a recorder -- so in other words, we can't write to the discs. Sigh. Why Sony? Why? Apparently, Sony's plan is to make kiosks and other things that will write to the discs (I guess like if I went into a music store I could pop my UMD into a kiosk and buy music that would be written to the disc). Sony thinks that this will prevent piracy. I don't know. But, the good news is that Sony plans to license the technology to other companies (yay!). I just wish that Sony would make the discs writable to the users.