Tungsten meet iBook

august 23, 2003

mookiet (my Tungsten T) meet mookiebook (my iBook). I tried a few weeks ago to sync my TT with my iBook. I tried syncing to iCal and Addressbook using iSync. That worked, but I didn't like it -- especially since iCal and Addressbook are not integrated, plus I still had to use Palm Desktop for Memos. That's one too many apps. So, then I tried to use the Macintosh version of Palm Desktop. Let me just say, the Mac version of Palm Desktop is miles away from the Windows version of Palm Desktop -- and those miles are going in the wrong direction. While I absolutely love Palm Desktop for my Windows box, I absolutely [b]hate[/b] Palm Desktop for my iBook. It is the most convoluted and unintuitive piece of PIM software I have ever used! Bah to that piece of garbage (like, for the life of me, I could not find a way to hide completed To-Dos, maybe there is via one of the "views" but it was way too much work to find it). Well, yesterday I realized that I had Entourage installed on my iBook along with the rest of the Microsoft Office X. Yes, a Microsoft product and yes, Entourage (the Macintosh equivalent to Microsoft Outlook, which I despise). The Mac version of Office though is put together by a whole different business group than the PC version, so it is not too bad. I found that there was a new version of the Palm sync conduit for Entourage. The original was put up and then immediately taken down because there were serious bugs in it. So, I downloaded the conduit and started to sync my Tungsten to the iBook. It worked out really well and I must say that the whole Entourage thing is working really well. It is now my mail, news, addressbook, calendar, todo, and memo app. Nice! I'll have to give it a little more time to see how I really like it, but it is nice to have the ability to do my calendar and todos on my iBook now along with my Windows box. And it's nice that they all sync up so very nicely.

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