Stupid Virus Mailings

august 28, 2003

I hate it, I absolutely hate it. The mass of virus email that has lately been plaguing the Internet! All those "Thank you" or "Your details" subjected emails. Acko! What a pain in the royal butt. So, I did something about it. Here's the recipe I used with procmail to dump all that crap to /dev/null: :0 B * ^Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64 * ^.*name=.*.(scr|pif|hta|vbs|vbe|vxd|shm|dll|SCR|PIF) /dev/null That's it, that will take all emails that have attachments with the extension .scr, .pif, .hta, .vbs, etc and dump them into the eternal bit-bin! Goodbye! See ya! Don't bother me anymore. Now if there was a way to block this sort of email before it even hit my harddrive, that would kick ass!

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