Tomb Raider and SWAT

september 6, 2003

Did a double movie with Darrell today. We saw Tomb Raider 2 and SWAT. TR2 was a disappoitment for me. There was a lot of "Oh come on!" moments in the movie and I am now convinced that Jan De Bont does not know how to direct movies (though he is not half as bad as the most terrible director Michael Bay). Angelina Jolie does her best with what was presented, but since there wasn't much of a movie to begin with, Jolie is just wasted for this movie. SWAT was a pretty damned entertaining film. I really did enjoy it. Yes, there are some situations that fell in the "Oh come on!" category, but they did not overshadow a very entertaining film. I had problems with the whole gangs with RPGs thing and the whole setup at the end (they did all of that planning in an hour??) Overall it was a very fun and exciting movie -- and who can't like a movie that has the awesome Samuel L. Jackson in it? He's so cool, he makes an movie watchable! Go Sam!

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