Wah! Wah! Microsoft Cry's Foul

september 7, 2003

Looks like Microsoft is crying foul when someone else wants to displace their Windows OS with something free and copyable! Japan, China and South Korea (governments) want to develop an OS that is free to copy and use (perhaps something based on Linux). Gee, isn't that a genuinely grand idea? I say go for it! And if Microsoft loses marketshare because of the OS, then it is too bad for them. Fair play in the marketplace, if you can't compete then make your OS better. When something like the free downloadable ISO images of Red Hat Linux 9.0's three binary disc contains: A free OS, a free office suite like OpenOffice.org, and all sorts of other free productivity software (and fun games), then I think it is time that people start to explore alternative OSs. Red Hat and other Linux vendors are making Linux so easy to install and use that Microsoft has good reason to be shaking in their boots. Gone are the times when Linux was just made for the server market. With the plethora of software now available for Linux, I think the move away from Windows and Microsoft Office is just about to turn the tide and start moving with a quickening pace. In the end, free will rule, pay will not.

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