Gameboy Advance SP

september 11, 2003

I am going to charge up my GBASP and load up a few of my older games that I have not played in a while. I do not seem to play my GBASP as much as when I travelled all the time -- since I used to play it all the time when I was on the plane during those long three hour flights. I think I will try to play Zelda and my old Advance Wars (start over on it) for now. I remember playing Hulk and that was pretty fun, but the whole smashing thing gets old pretty quick. Is the GBA just for kids? Nah, I do not thing so. I am wondering how Nokia's $299 N-Gage is going to shake up the handheld gaming market. I think it maybe a tad too expensive -- especially with the Tapwave Zodiac and Sony Playstation Portable on their way. All of these devices are $299+, will that be too expensive to compete with the $89-$99 GBASP hardware? We will have to wait and see.

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