Chronolog 03

september 23, 2003

Oh my! I got my Breitling Chronolog 03 (their catalog) today in the mail. I called Breitling a few weeks ago to order the Chrolog and I thought it would be a somewhat cheezy catalog showing the basic watches that they have on their website. Not true. So not true. The Chronolog is about a half inch think, fully color, thick glossy paper catalog that comes in a fancy envelope along with a thank you card and a price list. It is the poshest catalog I have ever received in the mail! There are so many variations of the basic Breitling watches on their websites that it makes each page a wonder to look at! Whoa! The catalog is free and if you want to check it out, order one by calling the number on Breitling's contacts page. Even if you don't like watches, it's cool just to have this awesome catalog!

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