One Long Wait...

september 23, 2003

Welp, I just called T-Mobile to inquire about my Nokia 6610 that is on order with them since last Tuesday. The customer service rep, like all other T-Mobile CS reps, was really friendly and helpful. He was able to let me know that the phones are backordered because of the high demand that was created by this promotion. He says that the backorder should be cleared soon and that I should receive my phone eight to nine days from today (putting my new phone at next Tuesday or Wednesday). Now, that's a long wait for the phone, but I think it will be worth it. This is one great deal on the Nokia 6610. If you haven't caught the bug yet to pick up either a 6610 or 3590 and you are with T-Mobile, give it a try. They have extended the offer from September 30th to October 15th. To get the deal, call 1-866-851-6253. Technically, you have to have been a customer with T-Mobile for nine months or longer. But, people are calling twice, thrice, and more times in order to get a CS rep that doesn't care about that rulle to get the phones. The deal is: Nokia 6610 for $35 or Nokia 3590 for $99. Shipping is free, but you pay tax. Not a bad deal. Don't miss out.

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