6610 Early Initial Impression

september 25, 2003

I used the 6610 yesterday for a while. Even got it to IrDA connect with my notebook. Here is my early initial impression of the phone. The one thing that is completely noticeable and somewhat annoying is the power button on the phone. It is so small and thin that it takes a long finger nail to activate it. The color screen is passive, but it is bright and beautiful. The refresh of the screen, given that it is passive, is slow and leaves lots of ghosting. The phone is incredibly small, the pictures do it no justice as to how small this thing really is. The phone is also very light. The phone is about the same size, but probably lighter than the old SonyEricsson t68i (which I wanted before I heard of this deal). The OS on the phone is snappy and quicky (which is totally unlike the slow OS of the t68i). Reception on the phone is excellent, it gets reception where my Samsung R225m does not. And in the house-of-steel (my house is like an insulated tin house for cellphones), the Nokia 6610 gets decent reception. The voice quality of the phone is outstanding. The ring volume of the phone is louder than needed. The vibrate alert on the phone is nice, but makes the phone shake and rattle in an uncomfortable way. The phone build quality feels a bit cheap because of the Xpress On covers, the buttons make creaking noises instead of click noises and everything generally feels like it's not really all together. IrDA connections to my notebook are awesome for sending stuff (like pictures and ringtones) over to the phone. The connection is at 115,000k baud. I used GPRS briefly yesterday and am impressed with the usefulness, but not too impressed with the speed. More to come as I use the phone more!

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