99 Cent Songs

october 4, 2003

Well, MusicMatch is now on the iTunes bandwagon. They are selling songs for 99 cents a piece also. They have quite a large library of titles for sale (though there are some newer songs that I can listen to with Artist-on-Demand but can't buy). It's good that MusicMatch is in the running now because BuyMusic did not quite give me the good vibes (especially since their website does not support Firebird or any browser other than IE, bleh). Anyways, I have not bought any music from MusicMatch and I may not ever since I do not think the quality of downloaded music matches the quality of an actual CD. But, there are a lot of people who are quite happy with the quality of downloaded music and for them, it is great that MusicMatch is now in the game. I will still use MusicMatch to listen to music and find good stuff worthy of purchase.

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