N-Gage Launches and The Crowd Goes...

october 8, 2003

...Cold? :) I don't know what Nokia is thinking with its N-Gage, but they have the whole wrong strategy, plus a piece of hardware that is not that appealing. The price tag is wrong, $299? Come on! I can get three $99 Gameboy Advance SPs for that price. Or hell, I could buy a GBASP and six $30 games for the GBASP. Gee. Heck, the N-Gage costs more than a Playstation 2, Xbox or Gamecube! The way the phone is held for making a call is weird (imagine holding a taco on its thin side to your ear). The way games are swapped out is all wrong (turn phone off, turn phone over, remove cover, remove battery, and then swap game). The display is turned the wrong way (it is long vertical and not long horizontal). The launch games are old news (come on Tony Hawk, Puyo Pop, and the original Tomb Raider??) I don't know, I can see why there is a lot of hype, but not a lot of people all that excited about the thing. We'll see how it all turns out especially with the Tapwave Zodiac and Sony Playstation Portable right about to be released to market also.

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