Kill Bill Vol. 1

october 12, 2003

I saw Kill Bill Vol.1 opening night. Was it worth it? Kind of. I was let down that this was actually a Tarantino film. Yea, it has all his trademarks (like the whacked out timeline, the uber-violence, some hilarious moments, dark humor and the mindblowing dialogue), but it didn't have a story like his other films. The thing was all a pieced together American version of the Asian chop socky films. The violence was way over the top, a bit too gory, and when limbs started to fly, I was tuned out totally. You were out for six years and this is all you can come up with Tarantino? This was the longest hour and a half I have ever sat through. Although some of the movie is worth recommending (Vivica vs. Uma! Yea!), some of it was a downright letdown (Lucy vs. Uma! Snore!) And the ending "hook" could be seen from a mile away after the word "pregnant" was spoken way early in the film -- it was a sad TV soap opera type "hook" at the end. I will see Kill Bill Vol. 2 just to see how Tarantino ties up this mess.

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