It Arrived and...

october 22, 2003

The handset replacement for my Nokia 6610 arrived this morning. I was so excited, I popped open the box and put my SIM card and battery inside and fired off a call to 611 to see if it was better than my old one. Guess what? The same noise came from it. Oh well, I guess it is an engineering flaw in the 6610. The handset that I got was sans the backcover, but looked like it had a brand new front one put on (since the original Nokia screen protector was on it). The power button is out of whack a bit, it is pushed under the facia and does not come flush with the body. I ran *#0000# to find out the firmware and it is 4.74 like my current one. I ran *#92702689# and found out that the phone was manufactured in May of 2003, one month before my current one. The IMEI sticker on the back of the phone looks like it was a reprint, the print is smudged. Since the replacement one, which I am guessing is a refurb with a new faceplate, experiences the same thing as my current one, I think I'll go ahead and send it back and just keep my current one. I'll just have to learn to live with the electronic buzz and click. I am going to swap my faceplate with the one that they sent me since that one is newer. The keypad in the refurb looks new, but had a nick in it. Oh well, it was a try. I am hoping that the noise fades after awhile again like it did the last few days.

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