FamilyTime Comparison

october 23, 2003

Check out the pooled minutes plan comparison that I put together. It compares T-Mobile, Cingular, AT&T Wireless, Verizon Wireless, and SprintPCS. It is a comparison with this baseline (the stuff that Eileen and I were looking for while thinking about our plan): at least 350 minutes, free mobile-to-mobile calling, text messenging, some data, and not a long contract. T-Mobile came out lowest ($56/mo) and was followed by a surprise of Verizon Wireless ($78/mo). No surprise was the highest costing wireless carrier for this package: SprintPCS at $100/mo. Cingular came second to last at $94/mo and AT&T Wireless was in the middle at $86/mo. What is surprising is the large delta between the two lowest price carriers. All the others are within a stone's throw of each other, but between T-Mobile and Verizon there is a whooping $22/mo. The difference was all in the data pricing (data + text).

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