Try This Microsoft

november 1, 2003

For those of you who have multiple Macs at home, don't forget that Apple offers the FamilyPack for Panther (it did this for Jaguar too). The FamillyPack is just Panther with a license that allows you to install it on five machines. The cost of the FamilyPack is only $70 more than the single license ($199 versus $129) and is well worth it if you want to stay legit -- since Panther does not have the idiotic "dial home to activate" feature that Windows XP does, it can realistically be installed on as many machines as you want, but you should support Apple! Try offering something like that Microsoft! There is not a FamilyPack option for Windows XP, if you want to install on five machines, you'll have to pay $199 for each license -- I guess that's why Microsoft has to put in so many silly protection schemes to keep people from copying their software. If they would just make it affordable, people would buy it legally. Oh and Microsoft, try trusting your customers too, that "dial home to activate" feature is the worst thing I have seen in years, Apple trusts their customers to pay for their OS, why can't you Microsoft?

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