iTunes Music Store Puchase

november 5, 2003

Welp, made my first purchase from Apple's iTunes Music Store tonight (Daniel Betingfield's "If You're Not The One." Yes, I am a softie sometimes when it comes to music). The process of buying music from the store is scarily easy. Whoosh, there goes a buck! Anyways, I had access to the store for a while from my iBook, but didn't have any real motivation to use it, but tonight I just wanted to see how it was so I launched my Windows version (bah!) and got the song. It was quick and painless. I am also a user of MusicMatch and they just launched their online store. But, I don't know about it yet. I explored it and it looks nice enough, but there's something cooler about Apple's iTunes Music Store. Anyways, if you haven't tried out Apple's iTunes, even for general music playing, give it a whirl. Maybe you'll be converted to buying music online also!

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