Red Hat Out SuSE In?

november 5, 2003

So, there was a surprise for me today. I guess I hadn't been keeping up with Linux news lately, but it looks like Red Hat is pulling the plug on its consumer line of Red Hat Linux. They are going to concentrate on their Enterprise level Linux offerings. Which kind of sucks because I really did like their Red Hat Network and I currently run RHL 7.3 on UltraMookie.Com. So, what's a guy to do? Well, it looks like those nasty "sue every Linux company" peoples Novell is acquiring SuSE Linux. IBM will continue to fund SuSE also, so does that make SuSE the next cool Linux to use for servers? Maybe. I know I will be looking into SuSE to see what they offer because I can't afford to pony up the $375+ that Red Hat is asking for their Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES (which has the services I need). Yow! I have been using RHL since their 2.0 release, it is too bad that they have cut that line off. Next up from Red Hat for us "regular joes" is Fedora, which looks like it's going back to its roots. But for guys who need the support like RHN provides, there is no luck there. Too bad.

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