Sigh Kim, Sigh

november 5, 2003

Let me reiterate what I said last season about Kim Bauer: Die Kim, Die! I don't know why the producers continue to bring Elisha Cuthbert's character Kim back to the show 24! The character is nothing but a nuisance to the show and drags down the whole storyline. Last season is was her idiot storyline about the abusive father and the kid. This season it's looking like it'll be about her and her silly love affair with one of the CTU field agents. Her character and stories do nothing but bring the tension and excitement of the show down. The silly melodrama that her stories create don't fit nor belong in such an otherwise excellent show. So, let me just say it again: Die Kim, Die! The producers had a chance last season to rid her with that cougar, the cabin boy, and then with the abusive man. They should have taken it (I know I was cheering for the cougar in that one episode!) I hope she gets the virus this season! Are you listening producers of 24?

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