Tmo Does It Again

november 7, 2003

Well, since I don't use my phone during the day, I didn't notice this today. But, I was reading on HoFo that there was a nationwide outage today. So, I checked up on my account. I called Eileen and her line was working fine, but when I called my own personal cell phone I got a recording saying that my phone was not on the network. Ouch. I just wanted to check to see when the outage would be cleared up because Eileen and I are going on a trip tomorrow and I wanted to have my phone working also. I gave Tmo a call to check up on this and before I could finish asking the CS rep said, "Oh, I am so sorry for the outage, let me compensate you for the outage by giving you 50 minutes on each line." Huh? I didn't even ask and they were treating me like a king. Wow! Anyways, she put 50 minutes on each like that are good for 90 days from today. They will expire sometime in February next year and they are basically 50 extra minutes per line that help to cover for overage. That was a very nice thing for Tmo to do. I know if I were with that awful cellular provider who uses the black trench coat guy in their commercials they would just tell me to screw off and wait for the service to come back. Tmo really knows how to treat their customers right! Also, Tmo is changing their GPRS plans. So, I was curious about those because the information about it has been pretty muddled. I got a clear answer today when the CS rep Chris transfered me to the wireless data department to speak with Bhanish. I was basically told that my current $2.99/mo t-zones basic subscription will change so that I have unlimited access (that's up from the 1MB limit). I get to keep my 300 SMS bucket and I get a free 30 MMS bucket! Now that is awesome data pricing if I have ever seen it! Now I can WAP at my own convenience without worry! Cool!

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