"Free" t-zones Update

november 9, 2003

So, all new phones have included GPRS with their plans. The "Included WAP Access" is supposed to be access only for the T-Mobile premium stuff like buying ringtones, games, etc. But, access to the outside world has not been restricted, so it is basically free unlimited GPRS access for everyone. Now, if you are grandfathered under the old $2.99/mo t-zones package (1MB data, 300 SMS) there are changes and they are for the better. The 1MB data limit goes away, the 300 SMS stays, and you'll get an extra bucket of 30 MMS. Not a bad deal! For the rest of you, to get this kind of deal, you'll have to go for: $4.99/mo for unlimited GPRS, $2.99 for 300 SMS, and $4.99 for unlimited MMS (for a year, then it is downgraded to 50 MMS a month). Still not a bad deal when compared to places like Cingular for data. People may argue that data on phones is not really a great thing, but they haven't tried it yet. It is pretty cool, especially SMS and GPRS.

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