november 12, 2003

I'll write a longer review soon, but I got to say that I am disappointed in The Matrix Revolutions. Reloaded was a disappointment the second time I saw it (after the initial hype wore off), but I was giving Revolutions a chance because it could have been different. It's not. Action-porn is what I call it: Action scenes that have dialogue scenes in between to fill time. Yea, the special effects are great and the showdown with the squids was pretty darned cool. A movie can't be all special effects (remember Godzilla?) and it also can't be all action, because after a while it all gets boring. By the end of the movie I could have careless for Morpheus, Neo and the citizens of Zion (Trinity I did care for, but only because Carrie Anne Moss did a great job of bringing that character to life). But in the overall scheme of things, the movie actually sucked pretty bad. I will choose to ignore Reloaded and Revolutions as sequels to the awesome original at this point.

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