Be Gone Black Trenchcoat Guy!

november 23, 2003

Well, today officially the number that I had with Sprint PCS for five years has now been retired. Today when Eileen called the number to double check voicemail before it got shutdown, she got the message that the number has been disconnected. Welp, good bye stinky company that uses a guy in a black trenchcoat! Oh and if you haven't noticed, Sprint has now put all of its "companies" together into one. So no matter if it's a business, personal, network, or mobile service you want, there's just one Sprint. Their new slogan is "One Sprint. Many Solutions." My suggestion to them is to change it to: "One Sprint. Many Ways To Suck." Good riddance and I will never do business with you ever again! If you haven't been keeping up with Ultramookie stuff (and why haven't you??), HERE is why I hate Sprint so much. Now, Eileen and I are on T-Mobile's Family Plan Basic plan (whoa, that's a lot of plans!) It is $49.99/mo with 400 shared anytime minutes, free weekends, and unlimited mobile-to-mobile (the thing we use the most). For $2.99/mo extra per line we have unlimited WAP and GPRS access and 300 SMS messages (per line). The total is around $56/mo. To get somewhere around the same thing from Sprint PCS, we would end up paying somewhere around $85/mo. Ugh.

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